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Screen Time

What is Screen Time?

Screen time is any time spent on the computer, texting and using a smartphone, watching television or movies, or playing video games. Health experts recommend that children under two spend no time in front of a screen and that, excluding homework-related screen time, kids over two spend no more than two hours of computer or television time per day.

Keeping screen time to a minimum will reduce your child's risk of obesity—in part by leaving more time for active and creative play. You can also help your family unplug through simple measures like:

  • Setting household screen time limits—and following them yourself
  • Making children's bedrooms screen-free
  • Turning off the TV during family meals

Check out the resources below for details on the effects of screen time, as well as more tips on keeping it in check.

Helpful Links

Let's Move! Screen Time Reduction Resources: Provides suggestions on how to reduce screen time, mitigate its negative effects, and get the family off the couch.

Mayo Clinic: Explains some of the physical and behavioral health issues linked to excessive screen time and offers recommendations for parents.

Campaign for a Commercial Free Childhood: This national campaign provides a wealth of resources and reporting about the importance of reducing screen time for children.

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